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DemonGuyX's News

Posted by DemonGuyX - March 9th, 2019


Patreon Special Offer!!!

First 5 to pledge on the 5 dollar tier. Get a full colored drawing of their choice then it's posted to the patreon only feed then posted everywhere else a week later. So go check it out.



Posted by DemonGuyX - January 17th, 2019

I plan on trying new things this year. 2018 was crazy, lets start with the massive tumblr exile. I am mainly a Newgrounds kinda guy but since that exile, lots of talented artist has showed up here. It's hard to stand out these days and that's okay. I have no problems with trying harder. I would like to take a stab at animating shorts. Of course this won't be my main focus, this is just something I would like to put on the back burner till it's just right. Animated gifs seems to be right up my alley for now, I need the practice. I would like to try comics but so far I just have been rendering assets for them. Not quit ready just yet. So till then I'll just stick to character development like what I have been doing with "Legend Of Goza" and "Pet Demon" 



Posted by DemonGuyX - October 5th, 2018

So I'm doing art trades all of October, here on Newgrounds. It's simple, just draw other artist's original chacters, specifically monster girls. It's really fun. If you or a friend is interested I provided a link to the forums. Check it out.


Posted by DemonGuyX - May 23rd, 2018

I'm an okay artist, but there is a disadvantage I have. It's backgrounds I can draw them but they take forever, not something i'm not looking forward to when i'm working on my comic. Lucky for me i'm expericanced with 3d renders. I could use a 3d rendered back ground and rotoscope it. I might have to re-learn blender so yeah this is gonna take some more time.

Posted by DemonGuyX - January 26th, 2018


This month i'm drawing character reference sheets for 2 different comics. They are both fantasy based I will List comic and description below.

Comic 1: "Legend Of Goza"

                 Follow the story of Goza the Orc, she's a
                bounty hunter and merc for hire. She's also bad with money and
                a pervert.

                Main story: Goza encounters a young mage named Fredrick Von
                Stein who wishes to hire Goza to save a princess held prisoner
                in the neighboring country. He must save her before she is
                forced to marry the tyrant king.

                 Issue #1 "Meet Fred"

                 Issue #2 "Of Goats and Potions"

                 Issue #3 "The Thief"

Comic 2:  "Pet Demon"

                  Nils Gregory a pizza delivery driver that ended up in a coma and
                 woke up to a very different world. Demons has conquered. The
                 humans that survived didn't ended up as slaves but rather
                 inducted into their hierarchy based on intelegence.

                  Main story: Nils got his old job back, ends up getting promoted
                 as manager. Nils encounters Kia (a lesser fiend) digging around
                 in the garbage in the back of the pizza joint, he made the
                 mistake of feeding her. She followed him home. Nils is forced to
                 take care of Kia as her master according to the new demonic
                 laws. Nils gots his hands full. 

                  Issue #1 "Bad Girl"

                  Issue #2 "Bully Dog"

                  Issue #3 "Pest Problems"

A poll for is available on Patreon, to vote which comic would you like me to publish first.

Posted by DemonGuyX - January 18th, 2018

So I did a request on one of my characters and I made 4 different versions of basically the same thing, artist do it all the time. But Newgrounds is innovative when making thumbnails which allows me to cut the thumbnail in such a way, when I post them one after the other it looks like a bigger picture. Of course, I use my powers for evil so you are not gonna see it if you do not wish to look up adult stuff. But regardless I encourage other artist to try this it's very fun.

Posted by DemonGuyX - February 10th, 2017

So if you guys are wondering why my art posting has slowed down. It's because I'm working on a major project that consist of making an adult oriented comic. Right now i'm just making the character reference sheets and writing the story for the first issue. I'll post as I go that means lots of sketches along with a detailed bio of said character. This is just to test out my skills at story telling and designing.

As for the comic, it's called "Pet Demon". This is a erotice story of Nils a pizza delivery driver that ended up in a coma and woke up to a very different world. Demons has conquered. The humans that survived didn't ended up as slaves but rather inducted into their hierarchy based on intelegence. Nils got his old job back, ends up getting promoted as manager. Nils encounters Kia (a lesser fiend) digging around in the garbage in the back of the pizza joint, he made the mistake of feeding her. She followed him home. Nils is forced to take care of Kia as her master according to the new demonic laws. Nils gots his hands full.

You can support me on Patreon if you wish to gain early access to the comic, vote on upcoming projects and get in a monthly raffle for a requested drawing of your choice.


Posted by DemonGuyX - September 12th, 2016

So i'm doing patreon thing. I get messages for comissions and request. And well I don't think comissions are my thing. I made my yearly quota of drawings and I'm getting better everytime I make one. Anyway I have put this drawing stuff into overdrive. I'm doing comics too but I won't post them till I make a 22 page issue. I will post the first 3 pictures in decent resolution on my patreon and my comics one page at a time. I haven't made up my mind on what comic I want to make, I kinda wanted to make Gorgeous Ghorza comic with well my orc Ghorza, and goblins elves, knights and princesses will be theme. The other would be........ well i don't have a name for it but here is the pitch. A lucky/unlucky man gets killed by car accident but get brought back as a zombie by a witch (the charcter from my "witchy night" picture) turns  out she was drunk driving and hit him while he walking home from work. She sex him up to appologize but in the end makes him her boy-toy. Well you can help me decide.

Anyway here's my patreon.


Posted by DemonGuyX - June 30th, 2016

So I finally got my tablet for my pc it's called a Parblo 10 along side with Manga Studio 5. Needless to say it's gonna take some getting use to. They are powerfull tools but it feels like i'm learning how to draw all over again, since it's a lot different from using a Windows Surface RT( I can actually rest my hand on the screen without messing up my drawing). Back to the manga part, once I mastered this new stuff I will consider making short stories in comicbook/manga style. It's something I always wanted to do. As for my yearly objectives I made over 12 drawings and I aim to make about 24 or more before the year is over.

Posted by DemonGuyX - May 13th, 2016

So I did a more tame version of Jason Voorhees, It was intended for deviantart, because I have been neglecting it. Ok so some of my fans were expecting something more of a naughty version of my bishoujo Jason Fanart. And yes I'm working on it. Reason why I'm late when I had a whole 2 weeks, I blame overwatch open beta. But don't worry Overwatch will pay dearly for being so damn fun (talking about Overwatch hentai).In due time.