Entry #10

Comic / Manga NSFW

2017-02-10 08:59:44 by DemonGuyX

So if you guys are wondering why my art posting has slowed down. It's because I'm working on a major project that consist of making an adult oriented comic. Right now i'm just making the character reference sheets and writing the story for the first issue. I'll post as I go that means lots of sketches along with a detailed bio of said character. This is just to test out my skills at story telling and designing.

As for the comic, it's called "Pet Demon". This is a erotice story of Nils a pizza delivery driver that ended up in a coma and woke up to a very different world. Demons has conquered. The humans that survived didn't ended up as slaves but rather inducted into their hierarchy based on intelegence. Nils got his old job back, ends up getting promoted as manager. Nils encounters Kia (a lesser fiend) digging around in the garbage in the back of the pizza joint, he made the mistake of feeding her. She followed him home. Nils is forced to take care of Kia as her master according to the new demonic laws. Nils gots his hands full.

You can support me on Patreon if you wish to gain early access to the comic, vote on upcoming projects and get in a monthly raffle for a requested drawing of your choice.



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