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Upcoming Projects

2018-01-26 08:38:34 by DemonGuyX


This month i'm drawing character reference sheets for 2 different comics. They are both fantasy based I will List comic and description below.

Comic 1: "Legend Of Goza"

                 Follow the story of Goza the Orc, she's a
                bounty hunter and merc for hire. She's also bad with money and
                a pervert.

                Main story: Goza encounters a young mage named Fredrick Von
                Stein who wishes to hire Goza to save a princess held prisoner
                in the neighboring country. He must save her before she is
                forced to marry the tyrant king.

                 Issue #1 "Meet Fred"

                 Issue #2 "Of Goats and Potions"

                 Issue #3 "The Thief"

Comic 2:  "Pet Demon"

                  Nils Gregory a pizza delivery driver that ended up in a coma and
                 woke up to a very different world. Demons has conquered. The
                 humans that survived didn't ended up as slaves but rather
                 inducted into their hierarchy based on intelegence.

                  Main story: Nils got his old job back, ends up getting promoted
                 as manager. Nils encounters Kia (a lesser fiend) digging around
                 in the garbage in the back of the pizza joint, he made the
                 mistake of feeding her. She followed him home. Nils is forced to
                 take care of Kia as her master according to the new demonic
                 laws. Nils gots his hands full. 

                  Issue #1 "Bad Girl"

                  Issue #2 "Bully Dog"

                  Issue #3 "Pest Problems"

A poll for is available on Patreon, to vote which comic would you like me to publish first.


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